Monday, October 26, 2009

man my feet are like ice

I think the title explains it all. So I've decided to take some scrap fabric from some left over sheets and try my hand at making slippers... *crosses fingers* I'm going to need a good amount of luck for these

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  1. I was just thinking my feet were cold, but seeing that you're from someplace way colder I should probably stop complaining. Good luck with the slippers... whatever happens, I'm sure your feet will be better off than before, right? If you've got some old wool sweaters lying around, I've found that the felted scraps make toasty foot-warmers, though I've already worn a hole almost all the way through mine.

    p.s. I just posted a big giveaway (fancy bakeware!) on my blog, so I hope you stop by and enter--if you win maybe it'll help you use up some more of those eggs..