Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Two things I have learned from using balsam fir:
1. pine pitch is harder than hell to get off your hands
2. I always smell like a Christmas tree when I get home

These past couple of weeks have been crazy! I've been working at a florist shop making Christmas wreaths and center pieces. I love the job and the people, but sadly its only a seasonal job.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Halloween went off with a bang! I was strapped for cash as always since I don't have a job quite yet.... so I was a zombie! I used Elmer's glue to create my gashes and eye shadows for my make up. Oh and BTW don't look for makeup the day before Halloween, cuz they are already putting out Christmas decorations.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

oh man!

Check out this amazing site! I was tinkering around on the net and I found this: http://commonthreadz.org/shop/index.html

Common threadz donates 100% of the money you spend on their tee shirts to underprivileged kids in Africa and other amazing causes. The t's are a little pricey- but I would be willing to shell out the cash for a great cause!

My favorite tee is from the orphen collection. Not only are the t's designed by children, but the proceeds from the purchace go to feeding an orphen for a month!

A little early

I've started making Christmas stuff for my family out of all recycled or hand made things. I started this project in order to save money AND to make a memorable gift for the recipient. My first project is almost completed- it's a fused plastic bag apron for my mom. We bake together a lot and she seems to get flour EVERYWHERE. So I figure that she could use an apron that repels flour. Seeing how we have a giant pile of unused plastic bags from all the times that we forgot the reusable bags in the car (I refuse to throw them away) I decided to make an apron for dear old mum. I do need to note in the gift though that its an apron for baking prep only. The last thing I need on my chest is my mom going up in flames and melted plastic.

I tried to keep a "country" feel to the apron by fusing different types of plastic into a quilt pattern for the two front pickets. I also made it a little kitzy by adding some old buttons that I had laying around.

Now for my other project....
Meet my cat Baby. I've noticed how much she sleeps when winter comes around. Also, I've realized that my cat, Baby, is getting pretty old. Shes about 11 now and I want to make her something comfortable for her to sleep on this winter. She normaly sleeps nexy to my head during the night- but that jump into my bed is getting a little rough. My dog has a crappy old bed that I'm going to revamp into a kitty pillow for her- hopefully she will like it. If not one of the two other cats will!

Monday, October 26, 2009

man my feet are like ice

I think the title explains it all. So I've decided to take some scrap fabric from some left over sheets and try my hand at making slippers... *crosses fingers* I'm going to need a good amount of luck for these

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things....from Etsy

I'm addicted to Etsy.com! There are so many things on that site that are worth spending my money on- here are some samples of epic awesomeness.

Feeding the chickens......

My family recently became proud parents of 11 hens this year....and trust me those chickens are babied. Nothing completes a long day of chores like sitting on the back porch with a cup of hot apple cider and watching them free range around the yard. Of course my dog makes relaxing at the end of the day even better.

However, those feathered ladies sure know how to lay eggs! We have 11 layers, and right now they are all producing. Which means that we are one egg shy of a carton almost everyday...... that's 77 eggs a week!!!! So needless to say I've been baking my buns off (hahaha-I made a pun) trying to use up all those eggs before they go bad. I think I'm going to try this http://smittenkitchen.com/2006/10/promise-keeper-pumpkin-eater/ pumpkin muffin recipe from a blog I stumbled on called smitten kitchen. I think I will be visiting this kitchen more often.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I was asked to become a big sister to one of my cousins. Apparently she is going through a lot of tough times and she needs a positive role model. This girl is wonderful and model beautiful but she lacks any form of self confidence. So this weekend I made her an inspiration jar. The basic idea is that she picks a quote from the jar every day and reflects on how she can incorporate the meaning of it into her life. She loves it!!!! It was really easy to make and the idea was simple but she really appreciates what I did for her. I also did a photo shoot for her so she could see just how gorgeous she really is. Next week I think I'm going to try to show her how to make vegan cookies!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


You know what makes the best fall day ever? Hot cocoa and crocheting a new hat! I would post the pattern I used for this, but I kinda screwed up on it. It was supposed to be a beanie, but I took out way too many stitches and then tried to add on what I took off.......I may have fudged it- but I love the end result! Not too bad for my first project ever!